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We are working for a Russian company that owns a site called Anastasia Date, the site is primarily designed to meet people around the world. Our agency is finding chat animators who will work on site and chat with the male part of the population on this network. (you earn money by chatting with men subscribed to this site)
It's not a site of pornographic content!
On the site you do not have to do anything you don’t want to, or chat with someone if you do not want! Men are there to find a soulmate.
Your earnings depend on the time you spend chatting, working hours are flexible, though, and you can decide when will you work and for how long. (more times spent on the site - the greater chance that someone will call you on the chat). It is paid per minute of chatting (minutes spent in chat with someone) and it is $ 0.24 with a camera turned on and $ 0.12 with the camera off. Our agency take 30% of your  salary.
It’s up to you to decide whether you will work with the camera on or not, but having it on will earn you more money. For every sent inbox message that a man reads you get $1.00, you also get $1.00 for every response in your inbox.
The only information the site keeps is your name, so nobody can find you in real life! There are more than 40,000 people registered on the site, so every day there are between 3000-6000 men online, mainly from America, Australia and Europe.
To register on the site, 3 of your photos are needed, one short video clip where you are introducing yourself. It serves as an indication and will not be visible on the site (I will send you video instructions), a picture of your document (passport or ID card). Photos must have specific quality standards (all newer smart phones).
The system records and calculates how much money you have earned and the payment is through payoneer, pay-pal, western union, money gram…once a month, depending on when we receive the money. You can contact me at any time for the information you have earned so far, as well as any other business related issues.
The registration is very simple and from the day we send your application for registration of your profile, you should wait one to three working days for the site to approve your profile and you can already start working.
On the link below, you can see a few tips about the whole job and why you need to attach some of your documents.
In next mail i will send you instruction what you must to do to apply. 
For all additional questions and information I am at your disposal.
Infojob agency,   
Jasna Petrovich, director
Email: agent.infojob@gmail.com
Mobile: +381631402263 (viber, whatsapp)
Tekst 2 (mail 2)

Please read carefully in attachment examples of photos!
To apply, you must provide:
- Pictures
- Video clip
- Picture of a document (passport or identity card)
- Completed apply form
- It is important  to provide your real phone numbers and email addresses. This information is only available to AnastasiaDate administration and will never be published on the website or passed to third parties.
Also please asses the level of English. (Beginner: If you can understand basic language if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly,  can make simple sentences and reply to simple questions (understands and writes basic text). Intermediate: if you can speak English with some confidence; can take part in routine conversations, write and understand simple written text, make notes. Advanced: can use English in a range of culturally appropriate ways, if you are able to take part in long conversations and discussions, write and understand most text including formal, academic and professional documents. Fluent: if you are able to speak the language fluently and without hesitation, understand and express complicated ideas and have meaningful conversations with the same ability that she can in your native language; be understood easily by all native speakers of the language.)
In the video clip, you need to keep a clearly visible document that you have provided us with. Clip text:
- '' Today's Date '', '' My name is '' name and surname '' and date of birth, I want to create my profile on AnastasiaDate in the Infojob agency where Jasna Petrovich is director.
· "I am informed about the policy of the website AnastasiaDate"
· "I'm informed about the Services presented on the website AnastasiaDate"
· "I authorize the agency to add my photos to AnastasiaDate as a part of creating a profile"
       The video must be no longer than 2-4 minutes
       The video must be in .avi, .wmv, .mpg or .mpeg format
       Video max size – 10MB
A video clip serves to identify your images (proof that this is really you) and they will not be visible on your future profile, this video is checked by carriers for approval of the profile. Video resolution is not relevant.
The image of an ID card or passport should be completely visible without any torn edges and the like!  ID document requirements:
       It can be the lady’s ID card, passport or driver’s license
       You can either make a scanned copy or take a photo
       The copy must be in color and in focus, clearly showing the lady’s photo, full name and date of birth.
The photographs must be in color. The resolution of the photos submitted has to be 1920x1290 pixels (or 1290x1920) or higher. They should not be visibly modified in photo-editing programs (like Photoshop, or have a color filter applied).
You should upload at least 3 photos. The lady’s profile must contain:
1)      Portrait photo: face should be seen clearly, looking to the camera, without sunglasses or hats, open face (not covered with hands or hair)
2)       Half-body photo
3)       Full photo, from head to toe.
Examples are in the attachment and again the note should look like that, pay attention to it and dedicate more time to the pictures so they look good, the company is strict on this issue. Remember that the more different style photos will have in your profiles, the better. If you have photos in different clothes and on different backgrounds in profile, you will look more interesting and genuine, appeal more to other members. Bright clothes and a smile make you more popular. It helps attract more men’s attention and, therefore, you have more conversations  =>  you earn higher income on commissions.
It would be best to take a picture with a camera or a newer phone. The background is preferably clean. Lighting should also be good so it's best to take it during the day. Please pay attention to the picture attached under the name of the "rules" and the text that is written on it, the rules that should be fulfilled in order to accept the profile on the site !! Very important!
Images should not be blurred, cut, under some filter, etc. So the picture must be as original as it was painted
The condition that the images are appropriate:
- Check the minimum resolution of 1290x1920px
- Quality must be good, the whole picture must be clearly visible, there must be no blur or dark image
- No image filters should be used or anything similar
- Beautiful Background
Of course you can add more than four images, which is desirable because it makes your profile more interesting.
Keep in mind that men watch your profile and choose who they are going to correspond with, so I recommend that the org form be filled in as nicely and creatively as your earnings depend on it. Also, the images are the main factor I This is the first impression that men get about you
If you transfer pictures from a mobile to a computer, you should transfer them via a cable or via email. Apps like facebook, viber, whatsapp reduce image quality, and that does not suit us in this case.
In addition to all this, you need to fill in the "org form" that is hooked below the text.
 All of the above you send us to the email, we enter the system and we wait for the site's gaining!
If you do not have the conditions for making a good picture, there is the possibility of going to a photography studio in order to make appropriate pictures.
We are not authorized to approve the profiles on the site, but only forward the applications and give work instructions, so please all of them should be as indicated above from the site administration.
And again, all attachments required for registration:
1) Video clip
2) Pictures
3) Picture of a document (passport or identity card)
4) Filled out form
Best regards and thanks for understanding.    

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