Documenter (m/f)

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Fill in, sort out, sign and file all kinds of engineering documents and relevant certificates, as well as other relevant documents formed during the implementation of the project. (At least use two languages, one is English, the other is the local language.)

Reports to: Engineering Department Manager
Documentation specialists are responsible for maintenance of company documents.
They are responsible for storage, cataloging and retrieval of documents. 
They maintain the integrity of working documents and update documentation when revised. 
They maintain systems for document storage and retrieval, and help train employees on efficient system usage. 
They are also responsible for document security, for assigning access, and for removing and destroying obsolete documents.

Related fields with a minimum of two years working experience. 
Language: English, One of the Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian; CHINESE IS Priority.
Knowledge of computer software, Word & Excel & Access for documentation. 
Good planning and organizational skills. 
Must be flexible, have the ability to multi-task and handle pressure. 
Good interpersonal skills and communication skills as well as analyzing reports .

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